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this client was struggling to make its
ROI count. we identified the problem
with a free data audit, halved their
marketing spend and returned a hugely
impressive ROI.

case study 01 – cost savings for a catalogue clothing retailer


A large Italian clothing company who mail their high quality catalogue out 6 times per year (one per season and 2 sale catalogues). The catalogue would go to both existing customers and prospect data. Production and postage costs were high due to thickness and quality of the catalogue.


W8Data ran a full audit on the data to highlight areas of potential savings, this included a full de-dupe, running the cold data against existing in-house suppression files and then fully cleansing the data against all of the industry standard Gone-Away and Deceased suppression files (NCOA, ABS, GAS, TBR, Mortascreen, disConnect). The savings presented were impressive and we were ultimately able to half their marketing spend a year, saving an estimated £1 million.

case study 1 table