Why enhance your data?

GDPR ARTICLE 5 – Important guidance - section C.

  • (c) adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed (‘data minimisation’);

Suppression files may be able to identify records that are no longer valid, but they may not be able to provide valuable updates the details that on the surface, look OK. A number of services can be used to make your data better – increasing the likelihood of it arriving at the correct destination and looking like a little effort has been made. Consumers hate incorrectly addressed mail – and are 66% more likely to put it straight into the bin.

What is enhancement?

Data enhancement is basically good housekeeping. Updating current, incomplete addresses and / or updating details such as a new address for someone who has moved or a phone number that might be missing. Keeping track of your customers is essential, they are hard to win so you don’t want to lose them if they forget to tell you they have moved. You might not be top of their priority list, but they should be on yours.

How we enhance data

royal mail’s postcode address file (PAF)
The most complete and up-to-date database in the UK, containing the full address for every place the Royal Mail delivers to in the UK (over 27 million addresses). This file is used to assess the quality of addresses within a file and to update elements that may be missing or incorrect. Sortation processes for bulk mail require a 90-95% PAF accuracy.

DPS append
An accurate delivery point suffix is a building number or name ‘translated’ in a numerical and an alpha reference unique to that individual property. It forms part of a customer barcode for machineable CBC mailings (which attract significant discounts). We can use the PAF file to DPS append a mailing file to support postal sortation requirements.

address RE-direction
NCOA update
Royal Mail provides a redirection service to members of the public who wish to have mail which is addressed to them forwarded to a new address. The NCOA File (National Change Of Address File) is taken from the redirection database containing the names and both the new and old addresses of residential customers who have taken out a redirection. The NCOA file is updated monthly and contains over 23 million records.

equifax forward address file
The data supplied by Equifax as part of the Disconnect Suppression file is supplied as three distinct suppression types, one of these being a forwarding address. The file comprises 46 million names.

GAS reactive
Based on the GoneAway Suppression File, GAS Reactive provides verified forwarding addresses and new also new occupant details.

telephone append
Business names and addresses can be further enhanced through the use of additional data, for instance W8Data can add telephone (land and mobile) numbers to your address data.