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data suppression / cleansing

why cleanse data?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If you mail the same data again and again, results are unlikely to improve – because data changes so rapidly!

  • 18,000 people move house every day
  • 6.8 million people move house every year
  • 600 million items are mailed to the incorrect address every year

what is data cleansing?

As sources of customer data within your organisation multiply, that information can become replicated or distorted. Identifying unique customers not only cuts out duplicated communications, but allows their true value to be revealed – several low value customers quickly become one valuable customer who buys multiple products from you!

Consumers also have communication preferences, and can express these via a number of services which are included in best practice guidelines, endorsed by the Direct Marketing Association.

A number of ‘file owners’ provide commercial access to their data for the purposes of data suppression. We have access to over 250 million names from Royal Mail, Experian, Equifax and The Data A gency (formerly REaD Group). We will also take your in-house suppression lists to ensure you manage your own opt-outs, important also for achieving Advertising and Sustainable/Responsible Mail postal discounts.

At W8Data we have developed complex matching routines to best match your data file against such files to ensure a ‘cleanse’ that will have a relevant and targeted data-set for your campaign.

  • One in five people in the UK regularly receive mailings addressed to a previous occupant
  • Mailings sent to deceased loved ones is the most common complaint received by the Information Commissioners Office.
  • Only 1 in 3 incorrectly addressed items are returned to Royal Mail, the rest are binned!
  • Organisations have an obligation to comply with the Data Protection Act which states that personal data should be accurate and kept up to date

how do we cleanse data?

de duplication 
Ensure you target a customer or prospect ONLY ONCE with every campaign, by removing duplicate contacts.

De-duplication can work at individual, surname or household level, depending upon your requirements (company contact, company name and location level for B2B data).

We can flag and link duplicates with a master record identifier so that you can merge them back into your database or completely remove them.


“W8Data helped us take data from 130 independent customer databases, working with records of varying quality, and combined them into a single coherent cleansed mailing file. They delivered the work quickly, providing impeccable service and attention to detail. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.” Ben Cockrell, Data Planning Director, Billington Cartmell