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Is your data bloated and out of date?
With accurate and reliable data you can generate powerful insights and strategy for your organisation.
Instantly Increase your ROI
Effortless savings for your business.
Dramatically reduce your campaign spending simply by removing errors in data.
why cleanse data?

Dirty Data can cause a massive problem for your organisation. 

Analysing work performance and developing strategies based on faulty data can be counterproductive and limits opportunities for growth. Data Cleansing provides accurate and reliable data to support your business planning and operation and by reducing the errors on your dataset, you’re also instantly reducing the cost of your campaign and optimising your resources.
Decrease Costs
A simple and effective way to remove unnecessary mailings and sends. Instant returns on your cleansing spend.
Better Strategy Knowing who your customers and members actually are allows you to reach and communicate them more effectively.
Brand Reputation Who wants to be remembered for unwanted, unsolicited communications. A clean dataset is a happy one.
Compliance Protection of a users rights and privacy is paramount to every organisation. Your responsibilities as data owners are covered.
Reduce Waste Improve your carbon footprint by removing wasteful mail and save energy on needless email sends.
Our team will examine your dataset exhaustively to ensure all incorrect, corrupted, outdated, duplicated or incomplete data are fixed or removed from your records.

Combining our 8-step method with the most advanced software on the market and multiple reliable data sources, we cleanse your dataset by removing even the slightest glitch, merging duplicated info, and repairing and correcting the structure of your files. We hold the major datasets from industry-leading companies such as Royal Mail, Experian, The Read Group, The Ark, The DMA, and Mortascreen.
Send Data
Send your data to cleanse to W8Data in CSV or Excel format.
We merge or remove duplicated records to your criteria.
We revise, amend and update name, telephone, address and more.
We remove MPS, goneaways and deceased from your records.
With your new data, you can develop better strategy and reduce costs.

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