Full Data Bureau

From cleansing to fixing and creating a Mail that converts, engages and informs, we can do it all for you. 


Let us manage your entire Data for Direct Mail Marketing.

We created a specific service to cover the entire process of Direct Mail Production, taking ownership of all your data cleansing and processing requirements, or to provide extra capacity for in-house teams at peak times.

What is Data Bureau?

Full Data Bureau is the complete process of cleansing, fixing and sorting out data specifically for Direct Mail Marketing.

Why Full Data Bureau?

With over 30 years of experience in direct mail production and having worked with 295+ organisations around the UK, it was clear that the entire process of Direct Mail could be profoundly stressful and overwhelming to many teams.

Data processing for direct mail production can include:

Dividing your data into similar criteria groups relevant to your goals to better understand and personalise your customer.

Ensuring all names start with Upper case, followed by lower case.

Personalising salutations, such as Dr., Sr., Mrs., Lord, etc., for each individual in your records.

Filling missing information and altering addresses to one standardised format (Royal Mail).

Editing and updating names to one standard format. 

Receiving and transferring data to or from other countries complying with GDPR.

Assessing and indicating points of concern during Data Auditing that might reduce the quality of your dataset.

Using previously existing data to generate personalised prompt amounts.

Using a separate data table to match and append data to the main data.

Generating Raffle Tickets based on sorted data order.

Detecting and removing text data that contains profanity from your records.

Anything and everything else data related. 

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