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We don’t want cleansing, fixing, optimising and generally sorting out data to feel like brain surgery.

We want to help our clients provide a hassle-free data cleansing service to their clients … at no cost. (You only pay for the cleansing services you need.)

Our reseller package – “the Button” – is a white labelled data auditing service, simple added to your website. On average current users are generating over £50,000 extra profit per annum! Click here to see how.

easy as 1, 2, 3 …

1. the button

As sources of customer data within your organisation multiply, that information can become replicated or distorted. Identifying unique customers not only cuts out duplicated communications, but allows their true value to be revealed – several low value customers quickly become one valuable customer who buys multiple products from you!

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2. secure cloud

When your customer uses “The Button” to upload data or artwork, automatic emails notify the relevant parties of the upload. The same notification process happens when data is downloaded – providing an invaluable audit trail for an industry consistently under time pressure.

Emails branded with your logo

3. branded audit report

Every data file uploaded via “The Button” is run through a FREE and comprehensive data quality audit by W8Data. The branded audit report also includes your own pricing so can be forwarded directly onto your client, therefore minimising the time and effort required by client services.

Branded audit report

our free reseller package includes:

  • Your own branded secure cloud based file transfer system
  • Comprehensive data audit for every file uploaded
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Marketing material to promote your new service
  • Training for your client services team
  • Set up – we’ll speak to your webmaster & IT department
  • Your own branded audit reports

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