What is it?

Using Quadient InSpire, PReS and Planet Press software (industry leading platforms), we provide a complete service for document composition (set-ups).

Having signed off the data cleansing stage, we will process data as required by the data processing brief. (e.g. segmentation, salutation, mailsorting etc.).

Using your full colour artwork and full personalisation brief, we will apply letter texts, application forms, surveys, carrier sheets to the correct data, providing proofs for sign off.

Approved files, whether full colour with personalisation in-situ for digital printing, or mono-colour for personalising pre-printed stationery, are supplied in print ready format to any specified mailing house requirement. We can output to PDF, Postscript, WFD, PReS Script and AFP.

Rest assured we will include the seed list, generate AB samples and ensure MailMark items pass the important tap test.

Use w8data

50+ years production experience in the direct mail industry means we understand the complete process – not just the data elements.

From simple address carriers to multi-segmented data and texts. Consistency of timings and quality are the trademark comments from our customers.