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on average, we’ve helped our clients
save up to 40% on their mailing costs
by cleaning their existing data.

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who are w8data, how can we save you money?

Combining technical data skills with over 20 years of industry experience, W8Data have an unrivalled knowledge of data and direct mail.

Established in 2005, W8Data work with end-clients, mailing houses, marketing agencies and other service providers across a number of sectors, to improve their most important business asset – data.

W8Data hold in excess of 250 million names for suppression and enhancement purposes.

We will screen your data for FREE to help identify any issues with your data that might have a negative effect on the results of your direct mail campaign.

All reports supplied are clear concise and most importantly useable! >click to see example report

Realising that cleaning, fixing, optimising and generally sorting out your data should not feel like brain-surgery, W8Data simplify the entire data cleansing process. Simply send your data to us, review the audit to agree the services you’d like to use and then receive your data all ready to go.

Simple. No complex jargon, no fancy website technology to “upload and do-it-yourself”, no endless list of options … just friendly knowledgeable staff and great service. We’re quick too!

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For unique campaigns, we can also create bespoke matching routines. We can also provide support with document composition and print ready files.

With postage prices ever increasing, and the negative tag of ‘junk mail’ in the eyes of the general public, there’s no doubt that targeted and accurate one-to-one marketing is the future of direct marketing.

80% of organisations believe that poor quality data costs them money. The solution is simple – cleanse it!

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