the data cleansing specialist

is the team struggling to get the work out
the door? That’s where we step in, coping
with your oversupply is our business!

document composition

what is it?

Using GMC Printnet / InSpire, PReS and Planet Press software (the best suite of software in the business), we can provide a complete service for document composition.

Once cleansed, we will process the data to the required postal sortation, set variable lettertexts and provide proofs for sign off.

Approved files can then be supplied in print ready format to the specified mailing house. We can output to PDF, Postscript, WFD, PReS Script and AFP.

Rest assured we will include the seed list, generate AB samples and ensure CBC items pass the important tap test.

why use W8data?

20+ years experience in the direct mail industry means we understand the complete process – not just the data elements.

We also understand that time is of the essence – that’s why when we commit to a turnaround time, we stick to it.

“I couldn’t recommend W8Data more highly if I tried. They completely understand our business and explain the ins and outs of data cleansing in a non technical way. The W8Data team are highly personable and respond to our data health check needs with speed and accuracy.” Luan Wise, Marketing Manager, ONEPOST